End User License Agreement (EULA)

iMac Cleanup Software End-user license Agreement

End-User License Agreement for the iMac Cleanup Software includes this software but not limited to ;

iMac Cleanup has agreed upon to permit license this software to you as an individual, the company or any other legal personality who will use this software only on the condition that agreed on all the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement. So we request you to carefully read the following terms and conditions mentioned in this license. The license agreement has established a binding contract between you as the user and iMac Cleanup. By agreeing and clicking “I Agree” or downloading or even using the software, you are accepting of all the prescribed terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any of the policies mentioned, kindly delete, return or eradicate all and any copies of the software that you have obtained.

License Grant/ Term

iMac Cleanup declares that the software, content, new releases, updates, and any enhancements and the collective product as a whole provided by iMac Cleanup are the only property of iMac Cleanup and its licensors.

License grant – General

On your consistency with the terms of the stated License, iMac Cleanup accords you the restricted non-transferable permit to utilize the Product, in item code structure, exclusively for (a) for your personal use, or (b) for business (non-customer) use exclusively on the side of your core business activities and the inward business tasks of your partnered elements, and at the User Levels depicted in this License and the material License Certificate. For reasons for this License, "Utilize Level" signifies the permit use meter or model (which may incorporate number of clients, number of PCs, working framework, equipment framework, application or machine level impediments, if relevant) by which iMac Cleanup measures costs and the privilege to utilize the Software, as a result at the time a request is put for such Software, as shown in this License and the pertinent License Certificate. A "Permit Certificate" will mean at least one of the accompanying relevant archives used by iMac Cleanup which further characterizes your permit rights to the Software: an iMac Cleanup receipt, permit key, permit endorsement or a comparative permit record gave by iMac Cleanup or any of its approved wholesalers, affiliates or retailers that goes with, go before or pursues this License and which indicates the pertinent Software being authorized by you, the term of your permit, and any appropriate Use Levels.

Content Terms / Technological Measures

A few products require, for general usage of iMac Cleanup, in its sole circumspection, may give to you in various authority to access content that is naturally, synchronized or refreshed occasionally with iMac Cleanup's servers or frameworks, which may identify with hostile to hacking or any misuse, against spamming framework usefulness and execution as ("Content"). Such Content might be accommodated a restricted time since you have bought a licensed iMac Cleanup Support offering from the prescribed services that comprise of Content and Content updates. The products may likewise contain mechanical insurance measures, for example, a permit key or code, which averts boundless duplication, or farthest point time of utilization or usefulness as per the kind of permit and Use Levels. You should not endeavor at all to expel or bypass any of such content, nor to apply, produce available to be purchased, enlist, import, disseminate, sell, nor let, offer, publicize or uncover available to be purchased or employ, nor currently possess for private or business purposes, any methods whose sole planned reason for existing is to encourage the unapproved expulsion or circumvention. You further recognize and assent that the product will consequently contact iMac Cleanup to get Content and, also, if and when any of the accompanying occasions happen: (I) the Product is effectively introduced by you; (ii) you neglect to introduce the Product effectively; (iii) the Product has been effectively arranged; (iv) there are changes to the Product's permit key or TPM; and/or (v) the Product is uninstalled. iMac Cleanup has members worldwide and you recognize and assent that any information gathered might be sent to any iMac Cleanup associate for preparing, including areas outside of the USA and European Union.

License Grant for Small-Scale Business

Your utilization of the Software is restricted to gadgets and working frameworks we support and might be influenced by the presentation and similarity of your equipment, programming, and Internet operations. Meeting framework necessities is your obligation and you are answerable for the expense of your hardware, which may incorporate getting updates or overhauls every once in a while to keep utilizing the Software. Framework prerequisites are gone ahead on the item depiction page. (For motivations behind this Agreement, item depiction page implies either the site page portraying the item and additionally the pertinent item information sheet).

Enlistment is required to acquire specialized help, to guarantee any included Cleanup services session every time of yearly membership per obtained permit, thus that any licenses that you buy later on will have a similar reestablishment date as your at first bought licenses. Unused sessions don't turn over to the following membership year. It is your commitment to guarantee that somebody inside your association approaches your enlistment account and the email address distinguished in the record profile to acquire support from us and to get the expert rata rate on extra permit buys depicted beneath.

In the event that you buy extra licenses of the Software which you enlisted to your record later on and you utilize the email address distinguished in your record profile for the new buys, the underlying term of the extra licenses will be consequently decreased with the goal that the recharging date is equivalent to the restoration date of the Software licenses you at first obtained. On that occasion, you will be charged an allocated membership cost dependent on a schedule day reason for the decreased beginning term. On the off chance that you don't enroll your underlying licenses to your record, or you don't utilize the email related to the record during checkout, you will get no genius rata valuing and the membership term of such extra licenses will be the term that you acquired.

On the off chance that the Agreement ends under any conditions or lapses, neither you nor any faculty utilized by you will be approved to utilize or get to the Software, including any online stockpiling or reinforcement administrations, and we may drop and additionally close your record at our sole carefulness. After the end or termination date, we will adhere to our standard approaches to erase any of your online amassed upheld up data, content, documents, connections, pictures or different materials.


The Software and Services are authorized to you, not sold, and they are secured by the Local Authority and global laws and settlements. You don't reserve any option to imitate or disseminate the Software and Services without our authorization, and if you do so you might be liable to fines or some other punishments permitted by the common and criminal laws of the significant purview. You may not: (I) figure out or generally attempt to get source code from the Software and Services, except if permitted by law; (ii) adjust or change the Software and Services or make subordinate works dependent on the Software and Services; (iii) distribute, duplicate (other than reinforcement duplicates whenever allowed by your buy records), sell, loan, lease, sublicense, relegate or in some other way move the Software and Services to any other individual; (iv) abuse the Software and Services for any business purposes (except if you are an independent venture, where case the License Grant for Small Business Use above will apply); (v) endeavor to bypass specialized assurance measures in the Software and Services; (vi) utilize the Software and Services to damage the law; or (vii) participate in any action that meddles with any other individual's utilization of the Software and Services. If you have introduced the Software and Services on a gadget and you move responsibility for the gadget to another person, you should guarantee that any Software and Services are erased from that gadget and that the gadget data is expelled from your record with us. We reserve the option to end or suspend this Agreement, your record, and your entrance to the Software and Services on the off chance that we discover that you have disregarded this Agreement. The Software and Services may contain authorization innovation that constrains the size of substance stockpiling, transfer speed utilization, or the quantity of gadgets on which the Software and Services might be introduced or that enables us to suspend your entrance to the Software and Services in the event that you have abused this Agreement or if your license has lapsed or been ended.


We, alongside our providers and accomplices, hold responsibility for particular Software and Services and all rights identified with the Software and Services, including all protected innovation rights. The main rights we award you are those rights explicitly expressed in this Agreement. Additionally, if you give us any remarks, data, conclusions, or proposals on the Software and Services, you recognize and concur that we may utilize them without confinement, for any reason and without remuneration to you.

Terms & Agreement Changes

iMac Cleanup may need to refresh or change its terms and conditions after some time. If you have a paid membership, any new terms and conditions will apply when your membership recharges. If you don't consent to the new terms and conditions, at that point you should dismiss the progressions by killing auto recharging and uninstalling the Software and stopping all utilization of any Software or Services toward the finish of the Subscription Term.


We may end this Agreement if you neglect to conform to the details of this Agreement. You may end your entitlement to utilize the product preceding its expiry by for all time eradicating the Software and Services from your gadgets and dropping your record with us. It would be ideal if you allude to our Refund Policy to check whether you are qualified for a discount before eradicating your Software and Services. In the event that this Agreement lapses or is ended, (I) you will never again be approved to utilize or get to the Software and Services, including any online stockpiling or reinforcement administrations, (ii) you should for all time eradicate the Software and Services from your gadgets, and (iii) we may drop or close your record. Upon end or lapse, we will observe our standard strategies to erase any of your online put away supported up data, content, documents, connections, pictures or different materials given to us.